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Born in Southern California during the mid sixties, his grandparents were among his biggest influences to release his inner artistic talents. Dennis spent a lot of time with his loving grandparents, his grandmother was a talented artist and a guiding hand. His grandfather worked at Ontario airport in California, U.S.A.


When Dennis was only four, his grandmother bought him an oil paint set, and his first painting was an original depiction of a WWII airplane, in amazing and creative detail. Although his dream was to become a pilot, it was his natural artistic talent that drove his family and peers to persuade him to follow more than just one dream.  His grandmother (on his mother’s side) was also influential as she always tended to her heirloom, organic garden and therefore Dennis did as well.

After achieving one dream and spending over 2 decades flying,  Dennis later became grounded by his passion for organic agriculture, growing his own food, and practicing primal sustainability.


Dennis currently lives in Florence, Oregon. Previously he was producing art in the Mojave Desert as well as being involved with community agricultural projects to include,  building small self-sustainable farms, beekeeping, organic gardening, raising livestock. His art follows his brushstrokes in conveying his apropos values of preserving nature, while his lifestyle still projects a deep appreciation for local nature and traditional ways.


In addition, Dennis possesses a unique blend of interesting skills that paint his message for ecological sanity. With modern-day dependency on the fast pace and high tech worldly ways, he leads us into our true realm of interactive reality.


His traditional and classical fine art approach bursts with colorful memories of our glorious history and borders dangerously on the inspired meaning of life. His art portrays humanity, self sufficiency of gignere proportions that should not be forgotten, but rather embraced by all to keep us connected and in touch with the traditional ways of interacting with each-other, all living creatures, nature; and above all, building a world of culture, civilization and harmony.

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