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Your Mona Lisa by Kelleyzart

Becoming one with your brushstrokes means losing sight of where I start and where the painting ends.

Why was I not born during the Renaissance? I belong back in time. Leonardo Da Vinci, making sustainable paints from stones, the rich soil and from many of the earth's bounties including plants.

Slowly approaching the tip of the armrest, peeking out behind the right elbow of Lisa del Giocondo, I simply escaped myself; and if only for one moment in time; I am Leonardo.

As the final design was gently applied to her guarnello, I heard a raven in the background crying. I took a step back and a warm breath was felt along my neckline; She is with child, she is complete, she is real and she is FOR SALE!

Size: 21" X 30"

Oil on wood panel

It is the size of the original hanging in the Louvre, France

On wood panel as the original

a true reproduction by Kelleyzart that will take your breath away!

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